محمد هداية الله عبد العذيذ


"You will not know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option"

Crazy schedule for Oct. Dayumm. God, help me through this. (Taken with instagram)

With love. (Taken with instagram)

Bored at work. (Taken with Instagram at LHK 2 Building)

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. (Taken with instagram)

Favorite nephew! (: (Taken with instagram)

Off to the 1st house! (: (Taken with instagram)

Nephews & Nieces all grown up now! (: (Taken with instagram)

Pillar Of Strength (Taken with instagram)

Eid Mubarak! (Taken with Instagram at Home Sweet Home)

To be honest, there are a lot of people whom I respect:
Some of them, which I’ve known for years.
Some of them, who don’t even know that I exist.
Some of them, that has already taken their leave way before me.
Some of them, whom I know through a friend, but have not met or talked to them before.

I observe. I ask. I listen. I observe. I understand. I stay.

I believe, all of us have our own fair share in this world and the hereafter. All of us will face death. All of us will lose our loved ones, sooner or later. All of us experienced sadness, happiness, grieves, excitements and disappointments.

All the things in this world are temporary. They are here just for a short while. Soon, everything will fade. Everything will disappear.

I guess I think a lot. I am not really sure whether this is a good think or not.

When I’m bored, I write.
When I have the free time,
I read what I have written.

There are people we love. There are people who love us.
There are people we care for. There are people who care for us.
There are people we hate. There are people who hate us.

We are taking things for granted.
We are taking people for granted.
We are taking everything for granted.

There are a lot of us.
But there is ONE God.

Allah is great.
He’s always here.
Have always been
Will always be.


And that’s why I love you. @rinasaz (Taken with instagram)

Off to work! (Taken with instagram)

The Syams. #singapore #clouds #iphoneography #iphone4 (Taken with instagram)

My Singapore. #iphone4 #sunset #iphoneography #singapore #clouds (Taken with instagram)

Helix Bridge #singapore #iphoneography #sunset #iphone4 (Taken with instagram)